This Man Wants to Solve the Pilot Shortage of the U.S. Military with Augmented Reality

It is estimated that the U.S. Air Force is experiencing a shortage of over 2,000 pilots, but one man is working on an innovative solution that will increase the availability and reality of aviator training through a new augmented reality technology.


Red 6 Aerospace, a Santa Monica, California based defense company, is helping to solve the Air Force’s pilot shortage through inventing the Airborne Tactical Augmented Reality System, or A-TARS for short, that uses a visor-type device contained in a helmet to immerse a human user in a realistic AR experience.


Not only does the A-TARS allow for easier access to crucial training for Air Force aviators, but it also will allow for lower costs in providing “adversary air,” or the simulation of conditions faced in conflict.


Dan Robinson, a former Royal Air Force pilot in the United Kingdom, formed Red 6 Aerospace to work on a solution to solve the Air Force pilot shortage and to better prepare for future defense. Built using a trainer aircraft he constructed on his own and several helmet-type prototypes, he believes that the solution is A-TARS.


“Increasing readiness and lethality, while driving value and efficiency, A-TARS provides a dedicated Red Air training resource to every squadron, allowing unlimited, synthetic training against near-peer adversaries,” notes the Red 6 Aerospace website.

The Air Force believes in its potential, too. They have already invested 2.5 million dollars in the development of A-TARS, with more to come in the future as it evolves.


For more information, check out the original article J.D. Simkins from MilitaryTimes, or visit the Red 6 Aerospace website.


Image Credit: footiechic on Pixabay

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