How do I know what I can scan?

QR, or quick response codes, are regularly used to link a website or other piece of digital information to a target made up of square images that is accessed when scanned by magazines, newspapers and other sources.


The augmented reality technology of Captum works similar to what is used in QR codes, but better.


While people are acquainted with scanning QR codes for more information accessible on a website or in a video, the Captum app allows you to choose your own target image that viewers can scan within the app to access your video and other information.


The Captum app also takes it a step further. While a QR code is just a link to the content that it is linked to, the Captum app allows you to create “Captums” that display a video and links to more information overlaid on the object that is being scanned – right on your screen!


Below are some ideas to help you use the ability to choose your scannable target to your advantage.


Word of Mouth


By telling someone directly about the power of Captum, they will recognize exactly what to scan once you identify your handpicked scannable target.


Whether it is the front of the menu of your restaurant, a poster on the front door of your bookstore, or a postcard with a home for sale, let your customer know they can scan the scannable targets you selected to see your video message.


Using the Captum Logo


The easiest way to tell your customers that a target is scannable is to put the Captum logo where they can see it. It can be included on printed objects, in emails, on social media and in other places.


You can also include a short message on your materials letting others know they can download the Captum app to view your augmented reality experience.

Just Scan Away


With new experiences being created every day, you can have some fun with Captum and see what you can scan. Thing such as a $20.00 bill, the Mona Lisa and other cultural icons have been turned into experiences.


If you are using Captum for your business, a cool idea is to hide some other fun messages at your location or on your materials to add some fun to the experience of using the Captum app with your customers.


Have you found a hidden Captum? Send us a message if you come across one, and let us know what you find.

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