What can I do with the Captum app?

Augmented reality is a concept that is beginning to become a part of everyday life, used by businesses, organizations and others around the world.


While augmented reality does just what is in its description, it augments, rather than changes reality; the Captum app gets you pretty close to changing reality.


(Scan the image to the right for an example!)


The Captum app gives businesses the opportunity to utilize AR technology to reach current and potential customers like never before, by easily creating augmented reality experiences that are triggered by scanning a specific target image.

Lead Generation and ROI Tracking


Every time someone scans your target, the Captum app records it, and you can access data on how many times your target has been scanned within the app, allowing you to see how many people have engaged with your materials.


You can even include contact information – such as your phone number, email address or website – on buttons that are displayed with your experiences, and those who scan can press them to get in touch with you.

Real Estate


Real estate agents and real estate agencies can use Captum to give potential buyers an in-depth look inside a home without turning a key. Potential buyers and investors can scan your targets, such as postcards or listings, with the Captum app to automatically play a video home tour.


You can also include buttons with your contact information, such as your phone number, email address or website, to get one step closer to marking it SOLD.

Car Dealerships


Take your dealership to the next level with augmented reality, with a new way to get your listings in front of potential buyers. Take a video showing the features of your cars, or maybe a glimpse under the hood.


Include the contact information of a sales rep attached to the buttons, to help customers get in touch with your dealership when they are interested. You can’t spell car dealership without AR. Imagine your next set of listings coming to life!

Entertainment Venues and Museums


Imagine your guests arriving, ready to experience your show or exhibits. They can be a part of it, too, with interactive augmented reality through the Captum app.


Create scavenger hunts and games, tell immersive stories, bring historical figures to life and much more as you easily make your show or exhibit interactive with scannable targets that trigger augmented reality experiences.


You can also use Captum to get the word out beforehand, such as showtimes for plays, gala and reception invitations, announcements of new exhibits and more, by incorporating videos of show previews, animations with RSVP information and interactive features.

Restaurants, Bars and Cafes


Popular events such as Bingo Night, Trivia Night and Karaoke Night are very popular at many establishments. Use the Captum app to allow participants to scan a target, such as a business card, magnet or coaster to see what this week’s theme is.


Have a large menu or drink list? Use Captum to bring specific sections or the cover of your menu to life, allowing guests to watch video showcases of your food, an introduction of the chef or bartender, or see the catch of the day!


Introducing a new special? Show it to your guests with a video of the dish being prepared and what the final product looks through a Captum experience.

Other Small Businesses


Thrift shops, clothing boutiques, bookstores, antique shops and more can use Captum to advertise new finds, styles, titles or pieces! Videos of what is offered can be attached to a specific target, such as a logo or flyer, to showcase what you have to offer.


The possibilities of what types of businesses can use Captum are endless! Any business or entrepreneur can use the power of Captum to reach customers in a new and exciting way that is sure to draw attention.

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How do I upload a new experience?

Captum is a revolutionary augmented reality platform that allows users to create their own augmented reality experiences in a collaborative ecosystem, without the use of specialized augmented reality devices.


It’s ultimately up to you on the type of experience you want to create. All it takes is a video, static image target, and less than 10 minutes of time.


How to Upload a New Experience:


First, download the Captum app from the App Store or Google Play. (Still need to download? Links are at the bottom of this page.)


Next, you will need to upload a video. Videos can either be existing files stored on your device, or you can use your device’s camera to record one through the Captum app. Videos must be 90 seconds or less to use, and if you need to edit the length, you can do so within the Captum app.


After uploading your video, you will need to select a target image. This is what others will scan to view your Captum augmented reality experience. You can use an existing image stored on your device, an image you capture through the Captum app, or a frame from your video (default) as your target image.


Once you have chosen your target image, you are almost done! Just give us a few more details, including a title (required) and phone number, website or email address (optional) that you can attach to your experience to provide to viewers, if you wish.


Then, you are finished. Be sure to share your Captum AR experience with the world to reach your audience – whether at your business, on your website or social media, or on greeting cards, business cards, signage and more.


Consider using the Captum app logo or a short message, such as, “Download the Captum App and Scan for More” on your materials.


Click here for a step-by-step guide on creating a Captum experience.

Captum is a fun and easy way to utilize augmented reality in your day to day life, there’s no limit to what Captum can do for you.

Click here to see more examples of Captum in action, and be sure to follow us on social media for more examples and exciting tips.

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What can I do with the experiences I’ve uploaded?

If you are new to Captum, welcome! Here are a few ideas on how to use the experiences you create to their full potential.  

The Captum app allows you to create your own augmented reality experience using your own photos and videos to share with the world. 


The possibilities are endless for what you can do with the Captum app. 


Are you going to use Captum for fun or your business? Whichever you choose, read below for more on how you can best use your experiences to their full potential. 

Captum for Fun


Captum is a great way to send a virtual message to family and other loved ones. Occasions such Christmas, Halloween, and Mother’s Day, along with zany holidays such as National Waffle Day or World Anime Day are all great occasions to create a personalized message for someone special.


You can use the Captum app to create an augmented reality experience with a video and target image selected just for the recipient. Your recipient just needs to download the Captum app, and they can scan your target to view your message with ease to celebrate any occasion.


Captum for Business

Any business owner, marketing team representative, realtor, sales representative or other person involved with a business or organization can use Captum to market their goods or services in a unique way! 


You can use Captum to create an experience that includes a video of you introducing yourself or your business and demonstrate your products. You can also include buttons with your phone number, website or email to easily allow others to get in touch with you.


Captum is a whole new way of marketing yourself that is technologically advanced and easy to use, and you can use it to create informative and creative messages for viewers.


For more information on selecting targets to set up for others to scan, visit our FAQ that answers, How Do I Know What I Can Scan?

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How do I position/place a target for best customer use?

If you want to take advantage of the marketing potential of the Captum app for your business or organizations, once you have created your Captum expeiences, you might be wondering where are some of the best places to put your targets for others to scan.


Here, we have put together a list of places where scannable targets work well.

In Plain Sight


For best access, place your targets where others are looking. This may depend of the type of establishment you are using Captum for.


For instance, in a restaurant, most people are going to look at the menu. This would be a great place to include a Captum target for others to scan! Your target does not even have to be a new addition to the menu, either, you can use images such as your logo or featured dishes as targets.


For other businesses, such as stores, shops and offices, others most likely enter through a door. The front of your door, or perhaps at your front desk or in your lobby, are great places to place targets for others to see and scan. They are easy to find, and seeing them over and over will encourage people to scan!

On Business Cards


Your business card itself can serve as a scannable target. Make your business card an augmented reality experience, and while you hand out your cards during events or networking, encourage others to scan to learn more later on and after the event.


No extra images or specialty software required. The whole card – text, images, logos and other things that are listed – can be scanned. Check out this link for more on using Captum with business cards.

In Emails or On Flyers


If you send things via email or in print to subscribers, customers, colleagues or friends, why not send them a bit of augmented reality, too? Captum a target image, and embed it in an email or include it on a printed flyer or postcard.


Captum makes the creation process easy for you and the viewing experience easy for others. All you need is the Captum app and a copy of the target, and you can reach potential customers without them having to come to your door! Use it to showcase what you have for sale, a preview of an upcoming event, or just to say hello.


There are endless ways to use Captum and endless places to position a Captum target image. Include them in places to best reach your audience.


How do I know what I can scan?

QR, or quick response codes, are regularly used to link a website or other piece of digital information to a target made up of square images that is accessed when scanned by magazines, newspapers and other sources.


The augmented reality technology of Captum works similar to what is used in QR codes, but better.


While people are acquainted with scanning QR codes for more information accessible on a website or in a video, the Captum app allows you to choose your own target image that viewers can scan within the app to access your video and other information.


The Captum app also takes it a step further. While a QR code is just a link to the content that it is linked to, the Captum app allows you to create “Captums” that display a video and links to more information overlaid on the object that is being scanned – right on your screen!


Below are some ideas to help you use the ability to choose your scannable target to your advantage.


Word of Mouth


By telling someone directly about the power of Captum, they will recognize exactly what to scan once you identify your handpicked scannable target.


Whether it is the front of the menu of your restaurant, a poster on the front door of your bookstore, or a postcard with a home for sale, let your customer know they can scan the scannable targets you selected to see your video message.


Using the Captum Logo


The easiest way to tell your customers that a target is scannable is to put the Captum logo where they can see it. It can be included on printed objects, in emails, on social media and in other places.


You can also include a short message on your materials letting others know they can download the Captum app to view your augmented reality experience.

Just Scan Away


With new experiences being created every day, you can have some fun with Captum and see what you can scan. Thing such as a $20.00 bill, the Mona Lisa and other cultural icons have been turned into experiences.


If you are using Captum for your business, a cool idea is to hide some other fun messages at your location or on your materials to add some fun to the experience of using the Captum app with your customers.


Have you found a hidden Captum? Send us a message if you come across one, and let us know what you find.

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