Make your Captums creative with Snapchat!

Make your Captums creative with Snapchat!

Snapchat and Captum make a great combo! You can take a video or photo using the Snapchat app, and then you can upload your content to the Captum app. The Snapchat filters and other features can help to make your Captum video more interesting and creative for your viewers.


If you were at our Spooky Scavenger Hunt event at the historic Casements in the fall of 2019, you might remember some of the fun Captum experiences we had. The event, sponsored by Realty Pros Assured, drew a large crowd and left plenty of people asking how we created some of the fun Captum experiences.


To start out, you’ll need to download Snapchat. You can find it on Google Play and the App Store.

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Snapchat: Fun with filters

Once it’s open and and the camera screen is up, you’re going to
want to tap on the little face next to the camera capture button (or
anywhere on the screen where there isn’t a button). That’ll cause
some filters to appear on the bottom of the screen. You’re going
to need to aim your camera at a face for the full effect.


Each filter will have a little logo that lets you preview what the filter
is all about. You can scroll through each of the filters and get an
idea of what there is until you find one you like.


Once you’ve found a great filter, you can hold the circle to record
your video. To avoid having to hold down for the duration of your
records, you can swipe in the left direction to lock the button down.
Just tap the circle when you’re finished recording.


Once you’ve finished recording, you’ll need to save your new video
to your phone. Hold the save button (the one on the bottom left next
to the volume icon) and select the option to save the Snap to
“Memories & Camera Roll.” the video you recorded should now
appear in your phone’s photo gallery.

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Adding your video to Captum

With your new Snapchat-approved video saved to your phone,
you’ll next want to open the Captum app. If you haven’t
downloaded the app, you can get it for Android or IOS.

Once you open the app, swipe right to get to the create screen
and select the folder on the left of the capture button. This is
where you’ll be uploading the video you created in Snapchat.
Select the video to begin the upload.

Once you’ve selected your video, it’s time to add a cover
image. This will be the image attached to your Captum that
people will scan to access that video. We recommend either
taking a picture or uploading a picture via the same steps you
took to upload your video. When you’ve selected your preview,
tap on the check at the bottom to move on and submit your