Captum in Action

Make your Captums creative with Snapchat!

Snapchat and Captum make a great combo! You can take a video or photo using the Snapchat app, and then you can upload your content to the Captum app. The Snapchat filters and other features can help to make your Captum video more interesting and creative for your viewers.

Captum brings your holiday cards to life!

A wise old man with a white beard has probably once said, “It’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas.” While this quote isn’t verifiable, we can safely say that Captum has some ideas that will make this holiday season a bit easier on you.

Bring your business cards to life with Captum!

A business card is like a ticket to ride. However, much like how trains are no longer the primary mode of long-distance travel, the old-fashioned way of relying on a physical card is going out of style. With the introduction of augmented reality, we are now able to turn a tiny paper card into an AR masterpiece.

Make your instruction interactive with Captum!

The days of students getting excited over the television cart and VCR being rolled into the classroom might be over, but video is here to stay! Make your lessons come to life by using Captum to quickly and easily incorporate augmented reality into your classroom.


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