Captum brings your holiday cards to life!

A wise old man with a white beard has probably once said, “It’s never too early to start
preparing for Christmas.” While this quote isn’t verifiable, we can safely say that Captum has
some ideas that will make this holiday season a bit easier on you.


Instead of sending your loved ones the same old Hallmark card, why not put a little personal
flair into this year’s with the help of Captum’s AR technology?

Scan to watch!


Before Recording

Download: Before you’re ready to start creating, you want to make sure you download the Captum App. It’s available on both the App Store and


Google Play Store.


Create and Account: Once you have the app downloaded, simply create an


Sign up: If you plan to create your own augmented reality Christmas card, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription plan.


No subscription is necessary for those using the app to scan your experiences.

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Lights, Camera… Action!

How to make your card using previously produced videos and photos and videos

  1. Gather your materials
  2. Open the Captum app
  3. Select “Create” near the bottom of the Captum app screen
  4. Upload a 90 second (or less) video
  5. Add your cover image. You can use any image you want as your target. The app will prompt you to upload a custom cover image, or you can allow it to default to using the first frame of your video.

Use the app to produce your content:

  1. Select “Create” near the bottom of the Captum app screen
  2. Record up to 90 seconds of video
  3. The app will automatically use the first frame of the video as your target image, or you can upload a custom cover image

Finishing It All Up

After you have produced your Captum you can name your creation and allow those who view to contact you.

  1. Select “allow viewers to contact you,” and complete the information. This step is optional, so just ignore it if you want to get to the next step.
  2. Name your Captum! In the grey area under “Details,” add a title to your experience.
  3. Once you’ve selected a festive title, tap on “Submit Experience” and you’re done!

Captum is a fun way to spice up the holidays this year while bringing AR technology up to speed with your Christmas cards, which will likely become the talk of this year’s Christmas gathering. So grab your ugly sweater and smartphone, and let our app do the rest this holiday season!

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