Bring your business cards to life with Captum!

A business card is like a ticket to ride.

A business card is like a ticket to ride.

However, much like how trains are no longer the primary mode of long-
distance travel, the old-fashioned way of relying on a physical card is going
out of style. With the introduction of augmented reality, we are now able to
turn a tiny piece of paper into AR masterpieces.


Captum’s goal is to make creating your experience fast and easy and get rid
of QR codes forever. In fact, the only “marker” you need with Captum is a
visual target (your business card or another image) and a video or
augmented reality experience.


An AR business card will act as a pocket-sized virtual ad for yourself - you
can explain your business, and have the ability to update your message
whenever you want. This allows you to make it personal and relevant.


Scan to watch one experience some of our users have already created on
their own.

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Are you ready to #DownloadScanCreate?

As far as videos go, you can either record one within the app, or upload one
yourself. Learn the basics of using and creating with the Captum app.


How does an AR business card work?

With Captum, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Forget about
redesigning or reprinting your business cards with a blocky QR code.
All you’re going to need is a picture (which will act as your marker)
and the Captum app.


For the marker, you can upload a photo of your business card, or
take a picture within the app. Your video and contact information will
be attached to that marker.


By utilizing the Captum App, you’ll have the benefit of an easier, less
complicated way to upgrade your business card.

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What should you include in the experience?

Elevator pitches are a great way to get started using Captum for
business cards. The experience will set you apart and the person
you spoke with can easily rewatch your presentation.


Sales and promotions can also be a great idea - update your
Captum experience regularly to show off what you are selling.


Cure business card overcrowding - stop trying to squeeze every
bit of information about your business onto your card, and
instead use augmented reality or a short video to tell your story.

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